Our solutions

Customer reception and
employee breaks

Are you a company looking for the best coffee break solution for your employees? A sales area or service provider who wants to greet your customers with a friendly cup of coffee?

Whatever your needs and expectations, we are committed to listening to them to provide you with advice and comprehensive, personalised and top-of-the-range coffee solutions. We offer you not only the assurance of exceptional coffee, but also a set of services adapted to your needs that make your coffee break unique.

  • A wide selection of coffees.
  • Hot and cold drinks, biscuits and other essential products for a coffee break.
  • Creation and arrangement of tailor-made coffee corners.
  • Furniture that we along with our own teams can mobilise according to your needs with help from the talents and expertise of our sister company bj-office.

As customised service providers, our teams go through constant training to meet your needs in terms of products, spaces and operations in order to offer you the most appropriate solutions.

Our dedicated teams carry out an in-depth assessment of your needs before recommending solutions that best meet your expectations.
 They will be happy to introduce you to our different types of contracts.

Our solutions dedicated to your professional needs

We are able to offer you self-service solutions that meet your specific needs and integrate perfectly into your work environment.

Your reception areas

A courteous and attentive reception staff, a refined setting, exceptional coffee...

The coffee experience in your reception areas reflects the consideration you have for your guests and contributes to your brand image. It requires tailor-made solutions that are faithful to your identity while also meeting your ambitions and the consideration you have for your customers.

We take every aspect of your situation into account: the nature of the reception area (reception, waiting room or shop), the layout of the premises, attendance and the specificities of the environment in which you operate.

Our mission is to help you create a space where you in turn can offer your own customers the absolute best. To do this, we offer you flexible and personalised solutions to welcome your customers in a dedicated space designed and created for them.

Your employees' coffee break

Start the day with an espresso, share a cup of coffee during an intense and animated meeting, chat with colleagues in a pleasant and informal setting…

Coffee breaks are a must for creating a friendly working atmosphere and demonstrating the consideration you have for your customers and employees. That’s why they require quality products and tailor-made solutions.

bj-coffee is now exclusively dedicated to very high quality whole-bean coffee, with a focus on the best blends and respect for cultures, in partnership with Swiss and local roasters.

We meet your expectations and your needs with personalised solutions adapted to your premises, your staff and your operating requirements.

For the same reasons, we provide you with payment solutions that correspond to your needs and your company culture: free access distribution, payment by badge, card or cash.


Our tailor-made services

Maintenance and after-sales service

All our maintenance contracts include preventive services, on-site travel and repairs (spare parts and labour).

Sustainable development

Sustainable development is a very important issue for us. We are committed to finding environmentally friendly solutions.

24-hour delivery

We guarantee delivery within 24 business hours for any order placed before 3 p.m.