eaz’it, an innovative and sustainable Smart Fridge solution

bj-coffee is pleased to present eaz’it, the Smart Fridge solution for simple and friendly lunch breaks.

eaz’it was created in 2020 in Geneva by a team of service professionals with a solid experience in B2B.

Thanks to their expertise, their knowledge of the market, the eaz’it team understands very quickly the issues and challenges faced by its customers.
In a rapidly changing world, eaz’it wishes to accompany its customers towards the Enterprise of tomorrow, thanks to innovative concepts, by creating very strong partnerships, based on common values.

Facilitating the “day to day” of employees and companies through innovative and sustainable solutions is their raison d’être.

Their objectives:
To contribute to the well-being and fulfillment of employees.
Allow companies and their employees to free themselves from tasks without direct added value to focus on the essential.
Support their clients’ CSR initiatives.
Catalyze a network of local companies and partners. Favoring short circuits and local partnerships.

A great partnership and common synergies thanks to complementary fields of expertise, to reinvent your environment and stimulate your teams.
Discover the eaz’it connected fridge and its many advantages on our eshop.